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Three Home DIY Projects for Your Home

Are you a DIY home designer (or aspire to be)? Here are three easy DIY projects that will keep your home looking fabulous!

Simple Organization

Sometimes, our homes need a little reorganizing to lift the energy within the space! Instead of placing your bulk tissue paper in a closet or pantry, use your tissue rolls as a part of your organizational structure within your bathroom closets.

For projects like these, baskets can become your statement pieces.

Refresh Fixtures

Tired of the same fixtures in your house, but you’re not quite ready to purchase all new ones? You can refresh your fixtures with a little bit of time, and a spray can (any color of your choice)!

Remove them safely and go to an area with a lot of air circulation. Give them a fresh coat of paint, let them dry, and voila!


If you want to do a larger DIY project like flooring, consider us to help you with installation—even if you do not purchase with PRO FLOORS!

We want your home flooring beautiful and installed with high industry standards. Contact us today to request DIY support! A flooring specialist would love to assist you in finalizing your perfect project!

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