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New Year, Clean Home

We concluded 2019 with our hearts and stomachs warm and full from all of the parties and festivities, we welcome 2020 with open arms!

As we make new resolutions in our lives, we should also consider incorporating a resolution to maintain the beauty of our homes.

Here are four tips for some overlooked areas in your home to pay attention to:

Clean Your Dryer Vents.

After a full year of living in your home, your dryer vents likely are the last thing on your mind. But, keeping your dryer vents clean is essential to making sure your dryers are running at full efficiency, while also avoiding a potential fire hazard. Vacuuming the area around your dryer can also help keep your dryers working.

Clean your garbage disposal.

Did you know that grease can clog up your disposal, ultimately impacting its performance? One way to clean it out is to run lemons or oranges through your disposal cycle. The citric acid can break up the grease that might be building up, and your home will have a burst of a citrus scent as a special bonus!

Clean your ceiling fans.

Dust is always an eyesore. However, if you can’t see it, then you’re likely to pay it no mind. Your ceiling fans can have dust buildups just like any other part of your home and require cleaning regularly. Use an old pillowcase or buy a ceiling fan cleaner to help you with this task.

Deep clean your carpets.

Our carpets are always the same, or they can appear to be the same! If you buy or rent an industrial carpet cleaner, you might be surprised at how different your carpets can look after a good cleaning. It can also help put your mind at ease that your children will be crawling around a freshly pressed floor instead of a dirty carpet floor.

We're here to help you keep your home beautiful! Contact us to learn more about your flooring options!

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