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Is It Time For New Carpet?

Did you know that your floors may have an expiration date? Depending on your floors durability and maintenance, it may be time for a refresh!

Here are things to consider that may tell you It’s time for a flooring refresh!

Your Carpet is 10+ years old, With Minimal Cleaning

It’s critical to ensure you deep clean your carpet at least twice a year. For many warranties, it’s a requirement to remain protected on your warranty.

Cleaning your carpets will keep them beautiful while minimizing trapped dirt and grime, especially in high-traffic areas.

Your Carpet Still Appears Dirty and Worn After a Deep Cleaning

If you professionally clean your carpet and it still appears to be worn, with matted fibers, it’s time to replace your carpet. Cleanings should revive your carpet back to life, so if that doesn’t happen, it’s time to consider new carpet.

Want to speak to a flooring specialist? Contact us today and learn about your flooring options! We would love to assist you!

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