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Home Decor That Inspires

It’s the holiday season, which is time for gift giving and home gatherings! Are you preparing to host guests at your home? First, consider ways to protect your flooring, then be inspired by these fantastic home décor influencers that make DIY easy and functional!

New York-based influencer, Rikki Snyder, shares the power of simplicity and light through her décor eye candy.

Shelby and Michelle: this mother and daughter duo specializes in Farmhouse décor, and they will have you swooning over its southern charm!

Beaufort’s very own mother and daughter team of Urban Nest shares eclectic bohemian-inspired furniture and home décor that favors an artistic style for everyone!

‘Tis the season for inspiration! Are you ready to be inspired by flooring possibilities? Bring in a picture of your room, and we can show you how new flooring would look in your home with our Flooring Visualizer!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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